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  • Richard just got pages made inside Copywriting Course featured on several national news outlets and rankings went up massively.

  • Kyle V's post is ranking #4 for a highly valued SEO term.

  • The application we made for the largest startup competition in my domain (Earth Observation) is among the top finalists!

  • I've been MUCH more consistent with sending emails which get in the 30-40% open range right now. 

    Also, our traffic continues to increase and I feel like my writing has a good flow (thanks in LARGE part to Copywriting Course and consistency).

  • Posted the article we wrote in the course to Medium and got 123 claps on the same day."

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  • Got another paying client for a $450 website project, and possibly recurring maintenance.

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  • I followed the advice I got in the forum to send my first client a 3-tiered pricing package. I originally quoted $1,000 but she ended up purchasing the $4,000 service I offered. Thank you for this recommendation!

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  • Prior to the lockdown, I never heard of the word "copywriting". I copied word by word in the months of June and July. Then in August, with Nev's Office Hour suggestion, I signed up with Mailchimp. I have no social media accounts. I have not written anything in years. I'm also clueless with techs.

    Guess what? I just launched my first article! I will send out one item per week. I even have CC members my mailing list supporting my growth!

    Joining KK/CC community has been the BEST thing for me in 2020! Thank you Team, Dan, Mitch, Nev, and especially my new friend Shaggy!

  • Win for me! Article we wrote here got featured in Forbes! 🎉

  • Larry W got his first inquiry after posting a script from the course on his FB page.

  • "I actually managed to make a sale with this email🤩!!!! My first real hit ever with emails!!! And it was for a $28,000 printer!!!!"

  • My first win is that a big account I had been cold emailing (thanks to Copywriting Course!) finally accepted to meet me for product-show lunch. My second win is that I finally purchased this membership after skimping on the free stuff for the past 6 months! 😇

  • We got 10 new subs to the BJJ site in the first day thanks to the changes we made to my homepage inside the forum.

  • The updated profile we made in the forum got me "TOP RATED" status on Upwork today! Pretty awesome, no? 😄

  • The German online portal for franchises to which I submitted a probation text accepted it. They actually really liked it. So from this month on, I'll receive regular gigs from them.

    Since the beginning of this year, I have made much more progress than in all the time before since I left my regular job.

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  • “I‘m a visual learner so it was super helpful to see your skills live”

    Neville, Just completed the Copywriting Course. Thank you for doing that by the way. I‘ve read the Boron Letters, and various other bits and pieces of other copywriting books. Your course, for me, was the best thing that I‘ve been through so far. I‘m a visual learner so it was super helpful to get a chance to see you displaying your “skillz” live…or as close to live as a recorded video can get.
    Trenton Switzer - Roof Sales Mastery

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  • I feel incredibly supported by this community... tears in my eyes with joy - incredibly supported...

    Thank you!

  • I've been binge-watching Copywriting Course, absolutely loveee it!!

    This is by far the most supportive and helpful community I've ever been part of. 

  • I found out about Copywriting Course through a Facebook Group. It's had a huge impact on my work life. If you're a part time blogger, it might help you take the leap. 

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  • Thanks again everyone for your help - this community has already been well worth the money!

  • Got our first client from one of the emails you helped us write.  It's our first official client with this new messaging.  Thank you!

  • From the content I had 138 and as of now I'm 424. My views are up a lot more too. I was around 1,500 and now I'm over 25k!

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  • Recent Wins

    We helped M.M. with his sales letter.

    "Susana and Dan, thanks as ever for some great feedback. This letter is converting!"
    — M.M.

    HH got her first two massive clients from a campaign we made inside the forum and Office hours!

    We provided edits and feedback on V.B.'s blog.

    "Susana, as always you make me question what exactly I want to say, and offer ever-perfect endings to convey EXACTLY what I'm trying to say."
    — V.B.

    "This place is a goldmine!!! Everyone is so helpful, and the feedback is invaluable!"
    — J.W.

    "Thanks for bringing clarity to this blog Dan. I get too close to my material and it's difficult to make it clear for my readers. Your feedback really helps. Great suggestions!"
    — D.W.

    We helped C.B. write a video script.

    "Thanks so much for your latest feedback and your support throughout. Super helpful! The video wouldn't be as good as it is without you guys!"
    — C.B.

    "Susana, you are the Polishing Princess 👸 aka the story-tightner! Thank ye, m'lady - your contributions to my work are absolutely priceless!"
    — C.V.

    DB got advice on making a landing page for a service, and now has the full landing page up and looking unbelievably great! Good copywriting started it, and good design completed it!

    "I so appreciate your feedback Neville. My emails are getting more responses and I'm becoming a better copywriter!"
    — R.M.

    SH is offering free consulting to his business community, and we wrote several Facebook posts to promote this free service and he already got takers.

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